What is Salicoin

What is Salicoin

Salicoin(SLC / •S•) is The Next Generation of Digital Currency that reserved by Silver & Agriculture Products such as: Palm-oil, Rubber, Cassava, etc… The word "Salicoin" means "Salt and Light Coin" - the two elements that represent the philosophy of the Coin.

Guarantee Value

Guarantee Value

The Guarantee makes The Value & The Difference of Salicoin compare to other Digital Currencies. You can use Salicoin to make payment worldwide with the guarantee for the value of the coin, or you can use Salicoin to exchange for the thing that is reserved for it.



Salicoin is a model of a Global Direct Finance. Its First stage perform on BSC Blockchain Network. Second stage will be connected into QFS Network and Reserved by Silver & Agriculture products to expand the Strength & Abilities of the Coin.

Salinet Platform is all about:
(1) Banking & Finance. (2) Trading & Investment. (3) Humanitarian.

What is Salicoin

Banking & Finance

Salicoin perform on Blockchain & New QFS System, parallel with old Swift-Finance System to make itself as a Direct Source for Global Loans for any Company / Organization. As a Global Digital Currency, Salicoin can use as a Global Payment Method via QFS.

What is Salicoin

Trade & Invest

Salicoin and its Finance Insti-tutions will provide Capital for any Global Trade & Investment that meet the requirements. Smart Contract will be applied for Global Trade that use Salicoin. We invest in: Agriculture, Bio-tech, Green Power, Hi-tech & Aerospace.

What is Salicoin


At the beginning, we use 2.5% of our public distribution amount for ZAKAT Charity Fund & 2.5% for Vietnam Covid19 Relief Fund. We do care for the people that need Food, Medical, Education and Welfare. All of our Investment is for the Benefit of Mankind.


Master Plan 2021-22

  1. Created •S•1 Trillion Salicoin(SLC) on BSC Block Chain Network.
  2. Reserved 50% for Master Backup and Reserved 49% for Lending Account. Total 99% ~ •S•990B SLC.
  3. Use 1% ~ •S•10B SLC to Created Charity, Developer, Advisor & Public Accounts at a starting scale of •S•8.00SLC = 1kg ST25 Rice.
  4. Make Salicoin tradable on both Centralize / Decentralize Exchanges worldwide.
  5. Release Charity accounts.

Master Plan 2023-30

  1. Connect Salicoin into QFS Finance system. Starting value: •S•1SLC = Last Exchanges Price.
  2. Reserved 100% of Salicoin by Silver in Top World Banks & Agriculture Products such as: Palm-oil, Rubber, Cassava, etc... in South East Asia.
  3. Finish development of Salinet Platform and 100% SLC will be available for Global Finance, Direct Loan, Trade & Investment with full guarantee.
  4. Use 99% Profit for Charity.



"Free Gift"

You will have a chance to receive Salicoin from its Free-part of first •S•10B SLC Distribution for Public throught your Trusted Partners or Friends. If you are Workers or Person who are looking for food due to Covid19 long-lockdown, you can ask Charity Groups who can give free Salicoin for you and ask them how to swap it for rice.

Starting •S•8.00SLC = 1kg ST25 rice


Both Private Sales and Exchanges Trade (Centralize/Decentralize Exchanges) will be available on QIV 2022 for you to buy Salicoin(SLC) at its first stage on Blockchain-only Network. You can swap BTC/ETH/BNB for Salicoin(SLC) and keep it into your Safe Wallet for future use.

Swap SLC for Silver and Agriculture Products. Why not?


After Salicoin were connected into QFS Finance System and Reserved by Silver & Agriculture Products such as: Palm-oil, Cassava, etc… Your Organization can borrow Salicoin to make payment worldwide or "swap-it" for the thing that is reserved for it thru Salinet Platform.

SLC operates for the Benefit of Mankind.
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•S•1.00T SLC

Fixed Total Amount of SLC


Strength & Abilities

Salicoin(SLC) is the Next Generation of Digital Currency
Backed up by Silver & Agriculture Products.
Coin Value Guaranteed.